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After several years of very successful service the “Electric Speed Racer” ESR 750 Go-Ped product line has been greatly improved.

Along with an innovative new self adjusting chain tensioner, the heart of the 2008 improvements are from a new, and much more efficient motor.

The new ESR motor has the following enhancements;

  • Significantly thicker and much more powerful Rare Earth magnets. 
  • Brushes and heat producing components are now better located within the new and better heat transferring aluminum “E Head”. 
  • All precision sealed ball bearings at each end of the motor shaft replacing previous brass bushings. 
  • Commutator/brush drag cut in half. 
  • Larger armature copper wire diameter for reduced resistance and unwanted heat. 
  • Higher motor RPM operation to improve efficiency.
  • The result is a significantly lower operating temperature resulting in significant ESR range and reliability and brush life increases.

The new ESR750EX come now equipped with a new 13/75 sprocket ratio and 110 chain length to take optimum advantage of the new motor for the world’s best speed, range and hill climbing ability versus electric vehicle weight.

ESR750EX specifications: 

  • Motor 24V Brush D/C with Aluminum heat sink
  • Maximum Speed 20 mph (turbo mode)
  • Dual Performance: Turbo and Economy Modes
  • Batteries (4) 12V SLA (sealed lead acid)
  • 11Ah @ 10hr rate, 6Ah @ 15min rate
  • Power Controller Advanced Computerized and programmable Variable Speed Controller
  • Charger On board smart charger 110v-240v capability
  • Range Econo Mode: 8+ miles / Turbo Mode: 5 miles (with 160lb rider, flat ground, non-stop)
  • Unmatched Hill Climbing ability
  • Transmission Chain Drive
  • Dimensions Not Folded: L-48″ W-18″ H-41″ / Folded: L-48″ W-18″ H-17″
  • Weight 52
  • Max Load 400 lbs
  • Frame Aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl frame
  • Fork Patented cantilevered aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl fork
  • Handlebar 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
  • Tires Pneumatic 10” TT
  • Rims ultra light high impact polymer Rims
  • Front Brake Mad Dog Disc Braking System
  • Rear Brake Optional rear brake kit available
  • Folding Effortless folding feature for easy storage and carrying
  • Additional Features 
  • Zero Emission Vehicle

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