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This Go-Ped scooter is available for shipping right now from Minnesota, Saint Louis. 

Know-Ped- self-powered push scooter crafted for adults.

Created in 1997 and inspired by the original Sport gas-powered scooter, the Know-Ped has all the design features of the Sport without the motor.

Handcrafted from the same high quality aircraft grade materials that all Go-Peds are made from, the Know-Ped is strong, durable and portable.

It stands out as the new standard in push scooter design and construction.

Watch a Know-Ped Kick Scooter review :

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Weight 9.0718474 lbs
  1. Ewa

    I love it! I use it to scooter between home and work. It’s fast, have enough step room, rubber wheels give a great ride and front brakes are very strong. It’s made in US and this is another good reason to buy it.

    Any downsides? Yes, it’s quite big and heavy, but this adds stability.

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