Gas Go Karts

We have a large collection of gas go karts on sale for young and adult riders. The main advantage of gasoline go karts is that they have longer race life. With a tank of gas you can enjoy riding over 3 hours or even more. Having a lighter weight allow for a better handling which is very important when it comes to speed racing. Gas go karts are less expensive and maintenance work will cost you less as well. By choosing an electric go kart you will need the services of a qualified electrician. Aside of this, battery are quite expensive too.

We carry a variety of gas powered go karts from the best manufacturers like ScooterX, Kandi and TaoTao. If you are looking for racing go karts than those powered by ScooterX is what you need. For a safe and unforgettable off-road karting experience select a Kandi go kart or TaoTao go kart.

The gas go karts for kids collection includes 49cc mini go cart and the Baja off-road version of it manufactured by ScooterX. More experienced young drivers can opt for an advanced vehicle from ScooterX – 196cc off-road Sport kart. Search through the wide selection of go karts for kids and pay attention to weight and size recommended by manufacturers.

Buying with us you get: lowest prices, high-quality vehicles, longest warranty (up to one year) and FREE SHIPPING within US. And to make our offer even more attractive, we give away a pair of gloves with any purchase you make.

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  • Kandi KD-49FM5 3-Speed w/Reverse 110CC Go Kart

    $ 2,195.00 $ 1,265.00
    Out of stock
  • KD 200GKJ-2A

    $ 3,440.00
  • Out of stock
  • KD 200GKM-2A

    $ 2,936.00
    Out of stock
  • KD-125FM5

    $ 1,550.00
    Out of stock
  • KD-125GKG-2

    $ 1,456.00
    Out of stock
  • KD-125GKM-2

    $ 1,696.00
  • KD-125GKT-2

    $ 1,160.00
    Out of stock
  • KD-200GKA-2A

    $ 3,176.00 $ 3,016.00
  • KD-200GKH-2

    $ 3,192.00
  • ScooterX 49cc Baja Off Road Go Kart

    $ 499.00 $ 408.00
  • Out of stock
  • Out of stock