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The ScooterX Sport Kart go kart is a gas-powered go kart for kids, teens and even adults featuring a 163cc engine. It is loaded with performance features designed to produce a capable, fun and safe driving experience. Several steps above entry level models, this is a powerful but still accessible model that really gets the job done.

Powerful Engine
The Sport Kart go kart from ScooterX is the fasted model that they produce. The 163 cc engine is powerful and produces 6.5 horsepower, and top speeds of up to 40 miles per hour can be reached in the right conditions. Gas gauage on the tank makes it easy and convenient to keep tabs on, and engine starts with pull cord. Features an automatic transmission, and the 4-stroke gas engine does not require mixing oil.

Huge 13 inch knobby tires offers great performance for off road conditions including grass, hills, mud, trails and even sand. Best for light off road conditions, as well as smooth surfaces as well. Dual coil rear shocks add to performance capabilities. Trigger throttle speed control and hand brakes make it easy to operate. Rear disc brakes offer safe stopping power.

Intended for individuals over 12 years of age and all the way up to adults. Bucket seat provides a comfortable and safe ride, and disc brakes, hand controls and rear suspension all provide maximum maneuverability and control.

For teens, young adults and more, the ScooterX Sport Kart go kart is a very fun, and very fast choice. The gas-powered engine is powerful and capable, and its designed for great performance in light off road conditions, as well as high speeds on smooth surfaces. Everyone will have fun cruising around in one of these stylish, rugged go karts.


  • 163cc 4 stroke Gas Engine: This engine runs on pump gas, no oil mixing necessary. Engine puts out around 10hp. This is our most powerful go kart motor.
  • Rear Coil over suspension: The rear end had dual coil over suspension with 4 inches of travel. 
  • Centrifugal Clutch: This is an Automatic clutch
  • Clearance from ground to sprocket is 4 inches.
  • 13″ off road tires: All 4 tires have a nice nobby tread for light off road use. Can also be used on smooth road surfaces.
  • Rear Disc Brakes: Comes with rear disc brake which gives you plenty of stopping power.
  • Hand Controls: Both throttle and brake are both hand controls that are mounted to the steering wheel.
  • Top Speed 40-45 mph: Kart can go even faster with upgrades. 
  • Gas guage: Kart has a gas guage on the top of the gas tank.
  • Pull starter: Engine starts by pulling a cord.
  • Weighs 180lbs. (approximately).


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