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Many people enjoy the thrill of speed. While many people don’t get to enjoy that thrill behind the wheel of a car, go karts definitely provide a great way that anyone can get out there and have some fun racing. In fact, you may be surprised to find that many of the top race car drivers out there actually go their start by racing go-karts. Some big names in racing that started out racing go karts include Jamie McMurray and Danika Patrick, to name a couple. Still today, many big time race car drivers actually keep training with go-karts during the offseason.

Even if you are not aspiring to be a race car driver if you just love the feel of racing and the excitement that speed can bring, go karting is definitely a wonderful option. In fact, this is something that the entire family can enjoy. Kids can get started on slower go karts and some racing go-kart tracks have faster options that go 45 mph. If you seriously get involved in go-kart racing, you’ll actually find that some go-karts can go over 100mph, which definitely will fulfill your need for speed.

If you want to start racing, you’ll find that you have many options. Many people start out by racing go-karts on small road tracks that have simple turns. As you become more advanced in the go kart racing field, you may want to get involved in longer racing options, which use long tracks. This type of racing is usually known as endurance racing. Speedway racing options are also available if you want to race, which is one of the most exciting types of racing out there.

Why not get out there and enjoy some speed yourself? After all, top race car drivers started out this way, so it’s a great idea for you and your family too.

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