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It doesn’t matter whether you’re an old pro or a newbie in the realm of go karting – safety is always going to be important. If you’re going to be involved in this hobby, you need to do so safety. Accidents can happen, but follow proper safety tips can help you avoid most accidents. Take a look at a few good safety tips you always need to remember.

First, make sure that gas powered go karts are not operated indoors. Exhaust fumes can kill. Only electric go karts are allowed to be operated indoors, which is why all indoor tracks use electric options.

Another safety tip is to avoid operating go karts on highways, public roads, or parking lots. Not only is this against the law, but it can lead to disaster as well. Operate go karts only on special tracks or on private property.

Checking out your go kart before using it is important for safety as well. Always check out nuts, linkages, screws, and bolts, especially if you are using an off road go kart. Tire pressure should also be checked before you use the kart. Also, check the fuel. If the go kart is a gas powered one, make sure you only fill it while the engine is off and avoid filling up in enclosed areas. Also, never overfill the gas tank of your go kart.

Unless you have go karts that are designed to carry two people, you should never try to put more than one person in the go kart. Many accidents have occurred because several kids have tried to pile into a single person go kart. Only one person should be in a seat and you always need to ensure you use your go kart seatbelt to keep you safe while you are operating it.

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