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When you’re purchasing go karts today, you have more options available than ever before. One of the more popular options is an electric go-kart. Of course, before you decide that electric is the way to go, here is a look at the pros and cons.

The Pros

One of the main pros of electric go karts is safety, which means they are a great choice for kids. They are cheaper to maintain in most cases as well since there aren’t as many mechanical parts to worry about. There are no emissions from an electric go-kart either, which is better for the environment and the driver. Even the price is a big pro since electric options are generally cheaper.

The Cons

On the negative side, the ride time you get from your electric option isn’t that great. You have to have a minute of charging time for each minute you spend riding the machine. You don’t have as much power either, although electric go karts are more powerful than before. They just don’t have the power and performance as gas-powered options. Durability may be a problem as well since they usually have frames that are lower quality.

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