Road Rat Racer 9.5 HP XB Double Go Kart (Bumper Edition)

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The Road Rat Racer 9.5 HP XB Double is a bumper edition go kart that is designed to avoid damage, making it a top choice among groups like rental companies or tracks. This go kart is designed to hold two riders, with a load capacity of 500 pounds. Both seats are padded bucket seats, designed for comfort. With the powerful 9 hp four stroke engine, top speeds of 45-55mph can be achieved in this go kart. It comes in the color red, but it is possible to special order various other colors. Some of the extras offered with the XB Double include seatbelts, seats that are adjustable, seatbelts, food pedals that are color coordinated, headrest with roll bar, and perimeter bumpers that include shock absorbers. All karts are converted to using a #35 chain, sprocket, and clutches. The standard sprocket setup on the clutch is 19T and for the rear sprocket it is on 59T.

Our new, redesigned XB go karts have the following improvements over the older models:  

  • Anodized aluminum parts are color coordinated with the bodywork
  • Improved Perimeter Bumper Complete with Shock Absorbers
  • Redesigned Frame to allow larger sprockets to be installed
  • Red and Green Color Coordinated Foot Pedals
  • Improved Chain Guard and Disc Guard
  • Redesigned, Extra Strong Sticker Set
  • Rear Axle Material Quality Improved
  • Rims and Tires Improved
  • Rear Axle Spin Improved
  • Headrest and Seatbelts
  • Improved Body Design 


Ask us about the discounts for purchases of 5 or more karts!

Brand:  Road Rat
Model:  XB Double
Seats:  Padded Bucket
Top Speed:  45mph – 55mph 
Brakes:  Hydraulic disc brake system 
Engine:  9hp 4 Stroke 
Clutch: 9hp – Wet Clutch
Load capacity:  500lbs
Carton Size:  82″ x 69″ x 24″
Wheels: 10″ front tires, 11″ rear tires
Other Info: Racing Steering Wheel, Foot Controls, 90% assembled
Colors: Red (Other colors can be special ordered)
Extras: Perimeter bumper with shock absorbers, seatbelt, headrest with roll bar, color coordinated foot pedals, adjustable seat

Frame material – Mild steel  
Wall thickness – 2mm
Thickness of rear axle – 40mm 
Chassis Tubing – 32mm diameter
Rear axle material – Steel
Type of hubs used – Aluminum hubs
Bearings – Roller bearings
Front spindles – 17mm

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