Road Rat Racer 200cc XF Go Kart

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The Road Rat Racer 200cc XF is actually a hybrid design between the LTO and XR go karts made by Roat Rat. It includes the XR’s straight rail chassis and the LTO’s full body style and six inch wheels. With this combination, you get a go kart that is ready to race. The top speed for the XF is 45mph and a four stroke Lifan 6.5 horsepower engine powers this speed. This vehicle comes in a black and white design and it will hold up to 300pounds. The seats are LX lay down bucket seats, allowing you to race in comfort and the kart boasts a quality hydraulic disc brake system.

Brand: Road Rat
Model: XF
Seat: XL Lay Down Bucket
Top Speed: 45+ mph
Chassis: Steel
Dimensions: 73″ long x 48″ wide
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brake system
Engine: Lifan 6.5hp 4 Stroke
Front Tires: Landspeed 11*5.0-6
Rear Tires: Landspeed 11*6.0-6
Displacement: 196cc
Load capacity: 300lbs
Colors: Black and White

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