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Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are very lightweight motorcycles that are designed for off-road traveling. They have very rugged suspension systems and tires to accommodate off-road riding in all kinds of terrain, including dirt, rocks, sand, and mud. Most are fairly light compared to traditional motorcycles, weighing in about 100 pounds or so, depending on the bike. Rear foot brakes and front hand brakes are provided and most come with an automatic clutch for easy shifting. Prices may vary, depending on the specific dirt bike you choose.
Dirt Bikes are a fun vehicle for riding offroad. Kids and adults alike can enjoy blasting through dirt, mud and climbing hills. 
$2,598.95 $1,099.99

150cc Viper DIRT BIKE

$1,599.99 $799.99


$1,189.99 $619.99

Small 110cc Kids Dirt Bike

$1,089.99 $629.99

Spider 50cc Kids Dirt Bike

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