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What is go kart?

What is go kart?

What is go kart?

Go karts are small vehicles consisting of a frame,  a motorcycle engine and seat. Despite the velocity and acceleration of go karts is much lower than that of a racing car, due to sharp turns and short straight races it can be comparable to Formula -1 .

So, let’s see what the arrangement of a go kart is.
Firstly, the basis of a go kart is frame, welded from steel pipes. Frame material shall be magnetic, i.e. made of anodized aluminum, as titanium and carbon fiber is prohibited.

On the frame are located seat, steering panel and engine. Usually, the motor is situated on the right side of the driver. On rental karting clubs the engine is located behind, so that you can ride without protective gear, without the risk of scalding. Weight of fully equipped go kart is about 70-80 kg.

Power plant
The power plant of go kart is a carburetor gasoline engine air or water cooling. It has two strokes on sport go karts and four on rental ones.  The engine can be moved back and forth (to provide the desired tension to the chain).

Specific power of sports go karts could be higher than that of the car. Entry-level karts are characterized by the capacity of 6-9l.s. Sports karts have a capacity of 20- 40 l.s. In this case the mass of a go kart with a driver less than 200 kg gives power within 5-10 kg/l.s. Meantime, the number of revolutions per minute may reach 15 000 -17 000 (a two-stroke engines). Due to its small mass, most powerful go karts models can accelerate to 100km / h in 3.4 seconds. Cause to this overload, for a successful participation in competitions it required a good physical preparation.
Also, for all go karts is a limit of the noise level it can produce.

Go karts transmission
Go karts can be equipped with  three types of transmission:

  • On go karts of lower classes, mostly those for children the role of transmission in ensured by chain transmission. This type of go kart cannot stand with the engine started. Engine starts with "pusher", and start with a given track.
  • On almost all rental go karts and some other go karts types: automatic centrifugal clutch and chain drive. If you do not press both the gas and brake, then there is no risk to switch off the engine.


  • On most of go karts transmission is ensured by gearbox with the clutch. The rotation of the rear axle is also passed through a chain drive. Depending on the class is allowed from two to six gears. Clutch is controlled by lever situated on the left side under the steering wheel; gearshift lever is located on the right of the seat.

There is no elastic suspension on go karts; the role of shock absorbers is played by tires and frame. The front wheels are generally smaller by the diameter than rears ones. There are several types of rubber: slicks, intermediate, rain and winter.

Also, go karts have not differential. That’s why the elasticity of the frame is calculated that way during rotation the inner rear wheel has enough air.
Due to lack of suspension kart requires very smooth asphalt; almost imperceptible bumps on the road can lead to strong shaking.

Steering panel
Steering panel on go karts is very simple: steering rods connected with steered wheels. Therefore kart is extremely rigid, with rotation of about 45 ° in each direction. Other types of steering in karting are prohibited.

Braking system of go karts
Depending on the class, go karts could be equipped with:
- Mechanical brakes on the rear axle (found in cheap go karts; it is also allowed to be used in some children's classes karts)
- Hydraulic brakes on the rear axle (it usually used in case of karts without transmission);
- Hydraulic brakes on all wheels (used for karts with gearbox).
Have to know that carbon brake discs are strictly prohibited.

Let;s which are the security parameters that go karts meat.
The side boxes, front and rear bumpers protect the driver and the kart’s mechanisms from collision. Chain transmission is closed by casing, which prevents the chain fly off to the side. Brake cable is duplicated using a cable. In the charts with brakes on all four wheels front and rear circuits operate independently, and in case of failure of one of them can slow down the second

These security measures are meant to make go karting a fairly safe sport. Despite of this do not forget that karting is an extreme sport, and ensure 100% protection will never be possible.



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