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Useful tips for buying a scooter

Useful tips for buying a scooter

Useful tips for buying a scooter

Scooters are popular nowadays, because they are economically vehicles,very easy to manoeuvre. So, if you are looking to buy such vehicle there are some important things to know about scooter engine’s size and types in order to avoid later issues.

There are three types of scooters depending on the type of the engine:
• scooters with engine capacity of 50 cm3;
• scooters with the volume of motor 90-180 cm3;
• “maxi-scooters", also called business class - engine capacity greater than 250 cm3.

The first type of scooters are the most simple to operate, having a small size. A relatively small cubic capacity engine can reach speeds average of 60-70 km / h.  Nowadays  the choice of such small scooter is very large. You can make your choice based on brands,manufacturers or design. You will see that despite there is a variety of scooter in this class, they do not differ too much between them.

Generally speaking it is more a matter of personal tastes and preferences.
Most selled are chinese scooters as they are relatively cheap in relation with their quality.
Have to be noticed that popular negative opinions about scooters produced in China is a bit exaggerated, as their quality is not as bad as are vehiculated.

Almost everyone can afford to buy a cheap scooter.
More expensive are scooters produced in Japan and  Europe. By technical characteristics the best choice are manufactured in Japan, while by design those produced  in Europe. By financial expenses  these scooters are very appropriate, whereas they have a small fuel consumption and are easy to maintain and store.
These type of scooter doesn’t require registration formalities, obtaining the rights and passing inspection is not necessary at all.

The second type of scooters have not such a diversity compared to the first class.
With an engine capacity of 90-180 cm 3, they are able to reach speeds of 90 to 180 km / h. Basically, this type of scooter have  4-stroke engine with good traction, so it can be easily ridden by two person. This type of scooter require registration and licence of category A2.  These requirements significantly reduces the scope of their use.

Scooter from business class category, also called  Maxi-Scooters are characterized by an even reduced range of choice. This is a solid model, which not everyone can afford. Their engine capacity range between 250 to 400 cm3, thus they can reach speeds up to 150- 180 km / h, which is characterized for cars.
This fact makes these types of scooter able to be used for considerably longer distances.
This fact gives it a big advantages compared to the above types of scooters.
For longer trips scooter business class has a large luggage compartment and higher payload. Regarding registration maxi scooter surely require it. Along with this the type of A2 category licence is also required.
These models have various additional components such as electrical equipment, alloy wheels, heated,
music, etc.

As you see scooters produced in Japan or Europe are characterized by  modern design, technical innovations plan, high operational costs and have not very high prices. Instead scooters made in China have a low operational cost, affordable prices, but in terms of technical characteristics they are the prototype of older Japanese scooter.

So, once we mention the types of engine size, let’s see further some very practical advices for choosing the right scooter for you::
-advisable to purchase a new scooter with a warranty;
-branded scooters are more expensive, but they really  worth the fees;
-scooters produced in Chinese have recently become increasingly reliable;

Hopefully that all these tips will help you to find a reliable scooter, for good price. Since they are very commode, their use have become  more popular the last years. However, when driving such maneuvering vehicles be extremely careful, and do not forget about their own safety and follow traffic rules.



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