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Things to know before buying a go kart

Things to know before buying a go kart

Things to know before buying a go kart


Go karting is one of the most thrilling activities. Kids, youth, adult people who have tried at least one time karting are eager to repeat the experience. There is a lot of fun while running, with no risk for health. If you are about to purchase a go kart and are asking yourself what you should know about them, then this post will be surely very useful too. You can make your buying process a real success and be very happy with your purchase. For this you have to know exactly what you need, and why you need it. Otherwise, you risk to get in the end with a product that totally do not meet your needs.


First of all, everyone who is going to buy a go kart has to acknowledge the difference between a go kart and a buggy. Go karts come in smaller size, with smaller tires, engines are designed to be driven on the asphalt. Contrary to this, buggies are larger, have a bigger engine and are designed to be used on trails and dirt. There are some models of go karts that can be ride both on asphalt and dirt. If you want one of this, than you have to carefully read specifications for chosen item.

Another detail that will help you to difference the gokart from buggies is the price. Buggies are more expensive, while go karts have a more affordable price. The cost is  dictated by the use of a more powerful engine, and other costly pieces.


People use to talk about go-karts as being for fun, while buggies for racing. If you purpose is to drive the vehicle around your house, yard or in the neighborhoods than go karts are a good choice. In order to participate to some competition, or off road racing you have to purchase a buggy.


Are gokarts safe

Hopefully you make it pretty clear what is a go kart and a buggy. Every time when it comes to these types of vehicles people are worried about how safe they are. Especially when parents decide to buy one for their kids. The desire to know your kids totally protected is absolutely normal. Thus, both go karts and buggies meet high safety standards. In general, go karting is regarded as a safe sport. Well, at least until you get to Formula 1. To be so, buyers can choose from a wide range of go karts based on their engine type. Safe riding for your kids is ensured if you choose a 49cc 4-stroke kids mini go kart. If your child is not a beginner already, than you can opt for more powerful go karts.  Adults have at disposal go karts or buggier that features even 250cc 2-stroke engines.



You can not be sure of your kids safeness while riding a go kart, if you give in his hands a model that do not fit his age and abilities. Also, there are mini go karts special designed in a way that parents still have control of the go kart even when kids are at a distance.


What to do: to buy a new or a used go kart?

Since the price for a used go kart is obviously much lower than a new one, there are many people who choose to buy a used one. Well, this is not the best decision. Go karts are type of vehicles that wear pretty fast. Even after first riding tyres would not look as new. And they have to be changed quite often, especially when participating in competitions. In this case you would need new tyres at every competition, and train with the old ones.


Purchasing a used go kart is a risky decision. You have no warranty for it, and no one guarantee you that it will be ok after few weeks of using. Thereby, the money you suppose to save would be very soon spend on reparation on for buying new details. So, carefully analyze your situations and if it possibile choose a new go kart to buy. If not, maybe it’s time to wait a bit until your financial situations get better.


But fi inspite of all this you decided to buy a used go kart or buggy, than pay attention to these details to understand how old it is. Here they are:

-If chosen vehicle has mechanical brakes system instead of hydraulic brakes than it is a older model.  

-Old tyres means a used go kart. If you want to find out the year of production then look for the tyres model and search for the model’s years of manufacturing.

-Pay attention to the axle dimensions. Only old go karts are equipped with 25 mm, 28 mm, or 35 mm axle dimension.

-Take a look on gokart surface. There are many chances that a used one have dents signs on seats, breaks or even engine, especially if used in racing competition or gokart rents rooms.

-Ask about engine situations. Or if there are some components that have to be bought from a special places. Any additional information about the go kart you are about to buy would be very useful later.


In the last instance if you are not happy with what you get for your money, than its better to refuse the offer. You can always find another offer, that really deserve the money you are ready to pay. Or maybe you change your mind and decide that nothing can replace the quality of a new product.


Where to buy your gokart from

Purchasing a go kart can be a really pleasure, and everyone is free to choose the way it will be done. However, nowadays, internet brings to you dozens of online shops ready to deliver you the best go kart at very competitive prices. It’s up to you to have a walk until the closest go kart shop, or to just do a search on the internet from the commodity of your home. The advantage is that internet provides with much more opportunities, letting you to choose the best product at lowest prices available on the internet. Also, you have not to bother about delivery, since most of stores have free shipping included.


In order to stumble on best online go kart store you have to do a little research. Read what others say about buying go karts online, where they bought from and if they were satisfied. Searching for reviews about the shop you chosen to buy from is a smart decision. The higher is the number of satisfied clients, the greater are chances that you will buy a product from quality kart manufacturers at good price.


In most, buying a go kart is not difficult at all. Taking in consideration aforementioned lines are the basic stuff to know before going to shop a go kart or another related vehicles. Is very important to educate yourself about what gokarts are, and then you will be able to choose the one who better fits your needs.



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