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2 vs 4 stroke scooters

2 vs 4 stroke scooters

The advantages and disadvantages of two stroke scooters versus four stroke scooters

Recently there has been a real motobum. And this concerns not only the appearance of the roads and the powerful super-fast sport bikes, rapidly carry away the dashing riders, but also their younger brothers. Of course, it is about the scooters or also called mopeds.

As you know there are two types of scooter by their engine power: two stroke and four stroke. Each of them has some weakness and strengths which knowledge will help you to make the right choice for you.

Usually  2-stroke scooters are recommended for those who have no patience in traffic or for speeders. Why? Because this type of engine has a strong start and are very fast.

So, among advantages which could make a 2-stroke scooter a great choice are:                             
-Have more power than the same displacement of four stroke.
- A more simple engine, less moving parts compared to 4-stroke, thus theoretically fewer things to get broken.
-They can be more easily tuned up to allow you to reach 120 km / h

The main disadvantages are the following:
-High consumption from 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers.
-After a period of time, fixed rings in their slots will wear the piston cylinder. This will cause the change of engine. The life of scooters depends mainly on the engine, quality, pilot and  adjustments of oil.
-Anointing with oil mixed with gasoline. If you forget to check your oil or witness the board does not work, then you surely have no oil. If you risk to go further you risk to stick cylinder piston.
-They have a high level of pollution. They reek, make noise and these are really annoying sometimes..
- Produce a grinding sound. Some people like it, others not. So, it’s a matter of tastes.
-They are a bit wild,do not supply linear power, but go weak for a particular task, then you risk to break your neck cause acceleration. To ride slowly you have to close and open the gas.
-Comfort. Two stroke engines has a higher level of vibration at low speed then four stroke.


Four stroke scooters are stinky, but are ideal for long road because the engine doesn’t overheat as in case of 2 stroke and you have to stop at a certain distance from the road.
Among advantages of four stroke mopeds have to listed:
-Lower consume, about 2 or 2.5 l/100km.
-The engine life is considerably longer, but it greatly depends on how the pilot take care of scooter.
-Separate oil bath. You have something to do in addition to the review, but never ends because it does not burn. Oil is cheaper in price per km.
-They are clean, having the lowest rate of pollution.
-They produce more pleasant and less noise intensity.
- Have dosed linear power, go to step quietly without moving hand from the gas, clutch coupled earlier.

Despite of such good characteristics, four stroke mopeds has  many disadvantages too:
-Lower power that two stroke mopeds. Hence the lower consumption. Leave the place more difficult with 2 people and does not exceed 50 km / h. However, it is  quite enough to cover up to 60 km / h.
- Reduced tuning capabilities, although the Chinese Honda GY6 engine has kit of 70 and 80 cc.
- High consumption  3-3,5 or even  4 liters / 100 km.

Analyze all pros and cons outlined above and make your own choice yourself. There is no unequivocal answer to this question: which is the best engine, and you will not find the answer in any book on any of the forums Both types of engines has its fans, so it’s up to you to make the right choice!.




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