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How to start karting

How to start karting

How to start karting

Many people dream to become stars of Formula 1, to appear on covers of magazines or televisions screens around the world at once.  To get there is necessary to work hard and long, and to practice for years. Popularity came with time. Also in motorsports have to start from somewhere, and that point all over the world is considered go karting.

So, as you know go karting is one of the most popular types of motorsport nowadays. Go karting has become  official type of sport  in many countries in the early 60s when were firstly made national and international regulations and the Classification and Technical Requirements for racing microcars such as "kart" and began to be organized regional, national and international competitions (Cups, Trophies, Championship , Championship, etc.).  It immediately caught the attention of the public for its availability compared to other types of motorsports.

Over time, go-karting has evolved and changed greatly, becoming more and more popular. The level of flight riders has increased significantly. Stability and dynamics of the kart have grown too, as everything is done to ensure the safety of participants and spectators. And it's not futile efforts, because maximum speed that most popular adult karts classes throughout the world  can reach on various tracks is about  130-190 km / h, and for  children (Mini, Rocket, Cadet) 80-120km / h, thus  all these make them pretty dangerous.

If this kind of sport seems appealing to you, then you surely would like to know who is able to get involved in karting?
Although children are allowed to compete from 7 years old, they can start training from 5-6 years. Upper age limit does not exist; you can enter this sport at 30, 40 years old and so on.
Here are important other factors like: the presence of desire, free time and of course money.
Height, weight at early stage does not matter much.

If you decide that you want to learn to drive go kart but have not enough funding resources and free time, then a solution for you can be rental go kart clubs. For this you have to almost nothing: come to any rental karting club. They will instruct you how to drive the go kart, what you have/have not to do.
After a while, when you feel that have learned to ride well, you can try to act in amateur tournaments. Also, you can go further and tackle outdoor go karting.

Abilities come with experience. The more you drive, the more experience you get, and is great to do this on different tracks. It is very important for a go kart driver to feel the track. Once you reach this level, you can easily enter in competitions.
As well, there are some other very important indicators which tells that you ready to go karting: if you feel and know how to change the tires pressure to fit conditions, to adjust bumper settings, know how to set the seat not for best suit, but from best handling perspective.  In other words, along with a good technique, you have to know very well how you go kart works and to feel it.

Further we would like to mention which are the indispensable equipment attributes for a go kart driver: helmet, overalls, footwear, gloves, protection for the edges and for all children also the protection for the neck. Also is encouraged to wear a balaclava.

So, If you decide to start go karting then this is a very good idea. But be aware that not sweet life is promised to you. Why so? Because at the beginning you would like to engage in go karting, and then when you start seriously doing it, it may become difficult because you will need to progress, to improve the results. But in any case, you will not regret for doing it as go kart racing is a great way to increase adrenaline and relieve stress.



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