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How Fast Do Go Karts Go

How Fast Do Go Karts Go

If you're considering the purchase of a go kart, you may be wondering how fast a go kart can really go. Depending on the go kart that you purchase, the speed can vary greatly. Here is a look at some of the go kart options and their usual speed.

One type of go kart is a shifter cart, which is used solely for racing. These go karts are made to run on surfaces that are smooth and paved. They are designed to be very fast and include two stroke engines in them. Depending on the engine, they can boast 30HP all the way to 50HP. Some even have a manual 6-speed transmission. You may be surprised to find that they can reach speeds of over 100mph.

Off road go karts may not be able to reach the high speeds of racing go karts, but they are designed to handle off road conditions. Some of the karts with higher powered engines usually have a top speed of about 40mph in most cases. On the other hand, smaller go karts that are designed for kids usually only go about 5-10mph, since safety is a big consideration.



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