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Go karts for kids

Go karts for kids

Go karts for kids

There is nothing more pleasant for kids than playing. They enjoy playing all day round and never get bored about it. Even late in the night, after a day full of fun, they will still ask for another five minutes for playing. As parents we know that kids learn while playing. We this is mind we always try to give them the right toys in their hands. A proper toy choice help children not only to stay safe, but also to teach new things and do big steps toward the activity they will probably love do in the future. There are many toys that your kids may enjoy, but a go kart will always be a smart decision.

If you are addicted to go karts racing, than there a big chance that your child would love it too. Most probably you would have no issue with buying a kiddie go kart, since you already know what is all this about. The same thing can not be said about parents who have never even tried a go kart. Most of them have a wrong imagine about go karting, considering them too risky for their kids. Here have to be said that every parent should encourage their kids in what they love. Give them opportunity to try go karting. Find go karts in family amusement centers and check you kids reaction to these toys. If they are excited about it, maybe you would like to buy a new one for their own use at home.

If the question about which go kart is perfect for your kid is worrying you, then this article will give you all the answers in this regard. When it comes to kids go karts than we have to divide them into:

-Entry-level go karts;

-Intermediate go karts;

-Advanced go karts.

Entry-level kids go karts

Entry-level go karts are vehicle for kids as old as 3 years and up to 6 years old. In this category can be found go karts that operates on batteries, or a more simple version pedal go karts. The last ones are equipped only with the seat, large anti-slip pedals, safety brakes and chain driven. Due to their simple construction, pedal go karts have a very affordable price.

Go karts which operates on batteries are however more preferred among those who decided to make their kid a nice gift. Usually, such a battery allow you kid to enjoy maximum two hours of riding. They are designed as to ensure high safety measures while a very young kid enjoy riding them. Thus, such vehicle is able to reach between 5 to 10 mph, but never exceed this limit. Also, all entry-level go karts are equipped with seat belts and the seat space is large enough for letting other people to assist the rider.


If you want to startjump your kid’s rider career, than the very first step to take is purchasing a entry-level go kart. Doing so, you will be sure about you kid safeness while riding, since the vehicle technical parametres totally fit your kid age.

Price: You can find entry-level go karts priced higher or lower on different stores. If you buy it online, then you can use compare option tool available on many website to check out the best price for the chosen item. However, be ready to pay around $500-$600 for a entry-level go kart. If you found something much cheaper than this, be careful with the quality you purchase.

Intermediate kids go karts

Intermediate go karts riders are more skilled, so they can handle a faster and powerful vehicle. If you kid or youth seems to got enough experience and get tired about previous go kart, than it is time to purchase a more powerful one. This category of go kart includes buggies too, which are the same go kart but designed for use on dirt.

These models of go kart reach a speed up to 30 mph, being perfect for kids who want to get to the next level in go karting. Most of the models come equipped with seat belt and provide enough space for two riders. In the regard of age, than intermediate go karts are best for 8-10 years old riders.

Please note that not all the time the age is the main criteria for choosing the right go kart for your kid. If you child weight more than in average for his age, than is better to do your choice based on this factor. The main thing can be said about those which kids are taller or shorter. The go kart manufacturers use to mention in the vehicle manual not only the age, but also the recommended weight and height of the rider. So, pay attention to this detail, if you want to be happy with your new acquisition.

Price: Due to their better technical specifications, intermediar go karts have a higher price. It starts from $1000 and can go wild in some cases. Make the purchasing from an authorised go kart dealer. This way you will be sure that you bought a high quality and got a at least one year warranty.

Advanced kids go karts

This is the last level regarding the spectrum of go karts for kids. These vehicles are designed for kids with great riding skills on road on off road tracks. Advanced go karts can reach a speed between 40-60 mph and are motorized. In order to prevent shifting of gears, these models are equipped with automatic transmission. These vehicles are very powerful, so make sure your youth is enough experienced for stepping to this level. Make sure the chosen model have seat belts to ensure your kid safeness.

Safety rules for kids go karts

Since we talk about kids, following some clearly established safety rules are tremendous for keeping your kid away from any accident. So, here they are:

- All kids go karts have to be equipped with seat belts. If the vehicle is designed for two persons, than each of them need to have their own seat belt.

-Kids have always to wear helmet, gloves and shoes while riding a go kart.

-Intermediate and advanced go kart riders have to wear fire resistant suit.

-Make sure you check all the time the battery/ gas level for the vehicle used.

-Give the right vehicle in the hands of your kid. Choose the go kart that fit you kid’s experience, age and body characteristics. A rider which feels uncomfortable while riding has greater chances to make an accident .

The process of buying a go kart for your kid is a very responsible one. With above information in mind you will be able to buy the best go kart for your kid.



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