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Go kart engine maintenance

Go kart engine maintenance

Go kart engine maintenance

All go karts buyers are interested to buy a quality vehicle at good price. But the number of those who show interest about how to maintain a go kart working in a long run is quite smaller. Most of the people ignore one very important fact: a well maintained go kart will serve long time ahead with no unpleasant surprises. If you are one of those that are willing to keep your go kart in a good form, and thus avoid later spending money on repair services than you will find further how go kart maintenance work should look like.

Once in while the go kart have be completely checked. For this torn it down and carefully check if there are no cracks or sign of wearing parts. Watch every part of your go kart, and make sure that all of them are not broken or damaged.

Go kart surface work

Since go karts are made of metal, they at risk to rust over the time. It is very unpleasant to see how the go karts edges are slowly eaten by rust. If you delay the painting process for too much time, you will surely end up with a vehicle full of brown spots, that put your go kart in an idle position for a long time. The main solution to stop rust is to paint your go kart once in awhile. The recommended schedule is about once every two years. But, during this frame, you can apply paint locally, if it is necessary. You can choose to it by yourself, or if you are not sure about how to do it, use the a professional service. But this is a easy job, and do not differ too  much from painting a wall or another surface.

In the regard of paint type, than give preference to anti corrosion paints. There are a wide range of such products on the market at affordable prices. But if you are not willing to spend extra money on such type of pain, you are recommended to use a usual one. The main idea is that you have to do this procedure once in two years to keep corrosion away from your go kart.

Storing conditions plays a big role in preventing rust. If you keep your go kart in a room with high humidity, than there is nothing good to expect. Thus, make sure the garage or other space you use to store your kart to be regularly ventilated and kept a constant temperature.

Engine maintenance

The go kart engine maintenance work begin from the moment you bought it. First of all, many buyers start the go kart as they got them. The main problem is that almost all go karts are delivered with no oil, in order to avoid spillage. That’s why before starting a go kart you have to add some oil. The job doesn’t end here. You are advised to change the oil in the crankcase two hours later you have started the engine. Doing so you will allow for internal engine parts to be well lubricated and work fine for long time ahead.

In the end of every season you should change the oil too. Do not be stingy and invest in a high quality engine oil. The money you spend today are much lower than the amount you would have to pay if your go kart engine get broken.

You are recommended to do an engine treatment as well. It is quite easy to do and take no more than few minutes. For this you will need to buy a mix of soft metals and pour it in the engine. This is a great method to prevent engine part from wear and keep them functional for long time.

Clean engine and additional parts regularly. If you are racing on a dusty track than you will have to clean it more oftenly. Keep in mind that using water for getting rid of all debris is not allowed. Be patient and do it using a brush. It will take a longer time, but will keep your go kart engine safe.

Storage conditions

If you are about to storage you go kart for a longer time, than there a few steps to be taken in order to ensure your go kart will work great next time you start it. First of all, if you use a gasoline go kart, drain the tank and carburetor. You can choose to completely remove the carburetor in order to let it dry out better. Be very responsible with this task, otherwise the carburetor will dry out with scaled gasoline inside it.

Never store the gasoline for next season use. Gasoline stored for months lose quality, and can badly affect go kart engine performance. Also, avoid storing gasoline in the buildings that have a source of open flame.

These maintenance tips are available for go karts powered with gasoline engine. These are four-stroke engine featured with two trunks. This type of go kart is quite powerful and can reach up to 200 miles per hours. Four-stroke engines have a more complex structure, thus you maybe will need professional advice to handle with it all. Do not hesitate to ask others opinions and help, if do not feel able to perform outlined tasks.

We are talking here about general maintenance rules that have to be followed in case of all go karts models. However, anytime you buy a go kart you receive a detailed information about how to take care of purchase vehicle. All go karts manufacturers give their clients such information which is valuable for keeping your go kart running a long time ahead.

A good maintenance routine of the go kart engine will help you to save money and enjoy trouble free riding. It cost less money or even no to prevent some technical problems, than to fix them later. In many cases serious technical problems begin with minor issues, which unfixed lead to big problems. Being consistent with your maintenance work will help do not only detect early some problems, but in most cases to prevent the occurrence at all.



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