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Most Popular Go Kart Choices

Most Popular Go Kart Choices

If you're planning to purchase a go kart, you'll quickly find that many different brands are available. Even if you've purchased them in the past, it can still be a bit overwhelming and confusing to figure out what brand you want to choose. No doubt, you want a quality kart for a competitive price that will offer you hours of excitement and fun. To help you make your decision, here is a look at some of the most popular go karts you may want to consider when you are making your purchase. 

Kandi Go Karts

One of the most popular go karts today happens to be Kandi Go Karts. This company has been around since 2003 and they are well known for offering high quality vehicles that riders really enjoy. Not only do they offer exceptional quality, but they also provide excellent customer service to their customers as well. Kandi is a company that is based out of China and not only do they offer great go karts, but they also make the parts needed to repair your vehicle if you need to. Just a few of the top Kandi Go Karts that they have to offer include the Kandi KD-11H-2 110CC Go Kart, the Kandi KD-1000GKA-2 800CC Go Kart, and the cost effective Kandi KD-90GKG-2 90CC Go Kart. 

Road Rat Go Karts

Another of the great brands to consider when you're looking for the most popular go karts is Road Rat Motors. For almost 10 years, this company has been offering high quality and innovative vehicles to consumers. Based out of Gainesville, Florida, the company offers electric karts, bumper karts, adult karts, and even karts designed especially for kids. This company is constantly working to improve their designs, so you can be sure you're using the best when you purchase with this company. Their reasonable prices are also a big reason that people choose Road Rat Go Karts when they want to purchase a Go Kart. Some of their top models include the Road Rat Racer 200cc XF Go Kart and the Road Rat Racer 9.0hp XB Single Go Kart Bumper Edition.

Razor Go Karts

Yet another brand that is available when you are looking for quality go karts is Razor Go Karts. The company has been in business for 10 years and they have become one of the most popular go karts because of the competitive prices they offer. This company is known for providing quality parts and go karts that do especially well on many different types of tracks. If you're looking for an economical go kart that will still provide plenty of fun, Razor is a great option. Top go karts offered by Razor include the Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart, the Razor Electric Go Kart Buggy, and the Razor Electric Ground Force Drifter Go Kart. 

These are just a few of the top brands you can consider when you are trying to choose from the most popular go karts. Other great brand names you may want to look into included ScooterX Go Karts and Roketa Go Karts. Take the time to explore your options and then choose the high quality vehicle that will best meet your needs while fitting into your budget.



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