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Buying scooters online

Buying scooters online

A scooter is a good acquisition. If you think so too, then you already have searched for information on how to buy a scooter at lower price. By getting it online you can save up to $500-$1000. Who do not want to keep this money on his pocket and still get the wanted scooter?! Of course, almost all of us are looking to cut off expenses whenever this is possible. Ordering a scooter online is great way to do it.


The main thing that everybody worries of is how safe you are when you buy it online. Such issues as shipping damages, inability to find spare parts are frequently happens and because of it customers are thinking twice if it really worth to do it. Another problem is the fact that you will have to assemble the scooter by yourself or to pay someone to do it for you, while buying it from your local store you get it totally functional. Since not everyone is
holding some technical skills it may seem difficult or in worst cases end up with difficulties in starting your scooter.


This post is meant to help avoid getting in such troubles and be really happy with your purchase. We will point further in this article main aspect to pay attention on when selecting the scooter shop and make the order.


The largest shares of scooters are made in China. Because of this most of scooter models are similar to one another, while internal parts and technical characteristics differ a lot. Get basic knowledge about technical characteristics before selecting a scooter and you will see the big difference between two scooters that apparently seem the same.


Here are the basic info you have to handle:

Scooters types.

Electric, gas, dirt bike, mini bike, sport, moped scooters are just few of the wide range of scooter types available on the market. Based on your needs and age choose the one who suits your needs.
Engine types and size. It can be electric or 2 or 4 stroke gasoline powered. The size of electric scooters engine is measured in watts and such type of vehicle can reach between 200W to 500W. Gasoline engines are measured in cubic centimeters (cc), and there are scooters powered with 110cc, 200cc, 250cc and higher.
Transmission size. It can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual clutch.


Once you get a general picture of scooters technical parameters is time to go further with your purchase. You know what you want, so next factors you care about are prices, shipping conditions, and warranty and return policy. If these all are ok, then you are safe with your purchase.


Scooter price and shipping conditions
Since all scooters stores get the items from the same suppliers the prices don’t to differ too much. If suddenly stumble upon a store that offer the same product at much lower price than get alarmed. Most probably the shipping price is not included as it represents up to 30% of the item price.

A trustable scooter shop has price and shipping conditions very clearly exposed. If it clear for you how much it will cost from the first glance than it is the case to trust such a store. No hidden costs have to occur once you proceed to payment. If so, it is the case to cancel the order.

The best would be to pay by credit or PayPal. These methods are the most secure, since returning your money if goods not arrive to you is always possible. The same cannot be said about debit card payment or check payments.

Good support
Don’t be shy and ask any question you have related to product. Reputable scooters stores will always answer all of your questions with details and maximum care for you. Email or make a phone before making a order and make sure the price, availability and shipping condition are the same as stated on the website.

Warranty and return policy
Usually all scooters comes with 7 days return policy if not used and 30 days of warranty.
Find about what happens if you cancel the order or return it. Creditable stores allow you to cancel the order at any time and return you the money.
Pay a big attention to shipping damage warranty. Because scooters are shipped to you from thousand miles away there are chances to occur some shipping damages.

insurance doesn’t cover any damage, unless the operator lost your destroyed your package. So, in most cases buyer is responsible for it. Check what scooter dealer say about it. If it is so, then is the case to make your purchase elsewhere.
Take some time and carefully ready the store policies. To be protected most of scooter dealers stipulate all conditions in policies, but the problem is people don’t read them. Ten minutes read can keep you away from any trouble and make your purchase secure.
Buying a scooter online is cheaper and pretty secure if you know what aspects to take in considerations. Do your homework and then will have a clear imagine about what you need and how to do acquire it!



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