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7 top tips that will keep you safe while riding a go kart

7 top tips that will keep you safe while riding a go kart

7 top tips that will keep you safe while riding a go kart

Go karting is one of the funniest sport which provide you with  exciting energy. Trying once is enough to want to do it again as soon as possible. On the sametime, go karting carry a high risk of injuries. Whether you are driving it or especially your kids you will always want to stay safe and don’t put a bold point to this activity.

In order to stay out of danger is good to follow some basic guidelines that every go kart rider have to be aware of. An informed individual has less chances to fall in the trap of mistakes that leads to injuries.

1. Always put a helmet on your head.

This is the very number one rule that no one have to miss. Since the head is the most injured in case of accidents, wearing a helmet will prevent you from getting strikes. Choose the helmet carefully as it has to fit your head perfectly. Being too big for you can make it fall on your eyes and thus put you in danger while driving. Put your fingers around the edge of the helmet, if there is too much space then it is too large for you.  Getting a too small helmet that tighten may cause you a discomfort that doesn't allow you to concentrate on the road.

Please note that helmets comes in different shapes. Make your choice for one who fit your head shape and you feel absolutely comfortable in it. Helmets have to cover both your forehead and the back of your head. Also, when you shake the head it has not wobble. In no case it should fall on your eyes or feel that it is not very well fixed on your head.

The same helmet should not be wear for cycling or climbing. Helmets are designed accordingly to the type of sport,  therefore a cycling meets other safety requirements then the ones used in go karting.

2. Wear tight clothes

Large clothes are not for go karting. If you do so you risk to get your clothes caught by machinery and then the injuries become inevitables. AMong many go kart incidents that happens on the track many of them have as main cause wearing loose clothes.

In this connection, girls have to tied up hair under the helmet. Loose hair can be grabbed by spinning elements and cause you serious troubles.

3. Number of riders according to seaters

Adults are tempted to take in the lap their kids while racing go karts. Or, to let two kids occupy the seat next to them when it is designed just for one. This is enormous error that may fatal end. Maybe you ask where is the risk? It is even safer as adult keep tight the kids in the lap ensuring he or she is safe. This is true to some extent, especially on the corners. But if the vehicle suddenly stops after hitting on something, there is a big risk for young driver to get crushed between adult and steel wheel.

Despite you had the best intention when took your kids in your lap, the final might say the contrary. Dont’ be skimpy  buy a go kart for your kids as do not be tempted to take him or her in your laps for  a ride.


4. Use seat belts

Helmet protects your head, roll cage protects you in case of roll overs, while seat belts keeps you from flying out in case you strike on something.  Seat belts are not for decoration, and regardless of your riding experience you are always advised to make sure you put the belt on before starting the engine.

Go karts comes in different forms with or without roll cage and seat belts. For your safety  buy the ones who comes equipped with these elements. Yes, they are little more expensive but they deserve the money.

5. Get good driving skills

Like in case of any other vehicle, every driver have to know some basic rules before entering the track. With no riding experience and knowing nothing technical characteristics of the vehicle you put your hands on, chances are to be rolled away.  Young drivers have to be allowed to drive only detuned go karts.

Generally, every go kart rider have to show a responsible attitude. Taking some driving courses would be beneficial, because in final stage you put in danger not only your lifer, but others too.

6. Always assist your child

Aside of buying the right go kart for your kids, you have always to be there when he or she is riding such a vehicle. Most of such units have speed limiter or even remote control. Letting the kid alone with the go kart can be dangerous, as the kids are very curious and tend to experiment everything that fits in their hand.

7. Familiarize with the track

Before enjoying high speed riding on a new track make sure you have inspected it carefully and know the sharpest corners. A new track is full of traps which can easily leave you behind if you don’t know how to manage them.

Do not forget to check the equipment before any race. A good maintenance work is aim to help you detect any technical errors which may occur lately. It is better to spend some money on maintenance work, than dollars on repairs.

Go karting is a safe kind of sport when you know these basic rules. Missing them or ignoring could easily got you into serious troubles.



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